August 13, 2012

An Encouraging Message to CIC´S Students as They Begin the School Year 2012 - 2013
Dear students,
It is a well-known fact that education plays a key role in the transformation of people´s way of thinking.  In that respect, the target population of the school is made up of students and their teachers, so the correlation between teachers and students can be improved and effectively achieved.
The school year is already on its way, and you need to know that the program in Language Arts, Science and Accounting are rigorously designed to provide you with the analytical, critical and creative skills that are essential to any career you may choose in the future, once you have finished.
The main aim of this program is at making you an outstanding student. Your oral and written skills should make you excel in the creation, dissemination and analysis of messages. In addition, our program is destined to integrate technology in its instruction and incorporate international contexts of communication, because you need to be ready to fit yourself within a changing globalized industrial world.
Our program focuses on intellectual development, and it is intentionally designed also, for you to take leadership roles, both within or outside our country.
The students of our school are expected to be productive in research, maths, accounting, communication, French, Spanish and Literature.
It is important for you, students, to be proper, peaceful, respectful, responsible, dedicated, ambitious, spiritual and committed. - There is no space for rude children -.
Finally, this message is meant to stimulate your interest in becoming selective people, people with an inquisitive mind, students who are well focused in achieving the goal of excellence.
Thus, studying at an international school, certainly,  provides each of you with a clear picture on a diverse world of people, with a challenging and dynamic learning environment.
So, it demands your strongest effort to really be disciplined in your school work.
Therefore, you really need to get serious about this matter and train yourself in the discipline of studying. You need to get yourself well organized now.
Truly yours,